1st off, allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Doug Glasgow. I go my Dug because I’m a little weird. I’ve had many nicknames through my life. (mostly pertaining to cannabis) 1st one was about 1977, where a girl from high school called me “white cloud”. I’m like cool, is that a honorable native name? Or, is it because there’s always a white cloud of smoke around me? She said no, it’s because I wore a PBR windbreaker. And PBR taste like Schlitz and Schlitz gives you the sh$tz ! And you wipe with white cloud TP. I’m like wow, you got all that from a PBR jacket?

Since then I’ve gone by many names. In the early days of Schwagstocks I was given names such as, Marijuana Man, Captain Cannabis, The Weed Avenger, The Hemp Knight. I darned the cape and everything. The Schwag photographer called me a legend. lol

Cannabis and music has always been a big part of my life. From my early days toking & rocking out watching my Dad’s band. To smoking out with my grandma, watching Monty Python, laughing our ass$s off! To hosting my own charity shows and canna friendly concerts.

It’s been a personal goal to prove I can be high and get high anywhere I please. (school, court, church etc.) Interacting and being a productive citizen with the best of them. I was the guy in HS wearing denim, covered in legalize pot patches, hair down to my elbows. (never been shy about it at all) Although, I’ve been called a hippie. I’ve never really considered myself one. We were freaks, freak brothers. Besides the “Dead Heads”, times were a changin’.

As I aged, I learned the truth about cannabis. How and why it was made illegal, the lies, corruption, greed, that keeps it that way. (and I began to seethe)

All my life we were always harassed, pulled over, searched, no cause or warrant. The law has kicked in my doors on Christmas eve morning. Hoping to put me in jail for the holidays and traumatize my 3 small children. They’ve kicked in my doors on 4/20, cute they thought they were! (Yoda voice) After a lifetime of that, a monster was created. No more searching without warrants! When the K9 Hwy Patrol showed up at my first canna friendly event, CAMPalooza, he tried to whip into my driveway, I pulled the ole Thieneman square move and blocked his truck with my body. He actually bumped me. I didn’t let him pull in and made him back up and turn around somewhere else.

That’s when I decided to take it a step further and create Show Me Cannapalooza! An everything cannabis event! Not an easy feat, in a poor, super conservative area. It was a test to see if the world is ready for some true freedom. As it turned out, it was pretty nice. Freedom was had! See ya’ next time!