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Waxy Brown, aka Daniel Jones, was just a kid from Rolla MO who went on a wild ride. After high school Waxy joined the Navy. 

Contrary to what the Village People showed him it was not all singing and dancing. He quickly adapted to Navy life and became a combat photographer. During one training class the students were given cameras and asked to find subject matter around the building. Waxy, strayed a bit too far from the Navy building and ended up photographing the NSA building next door. After being tackled and the misunderstanding being resolved he went back to class unscathed.

Daniel left the Navy as a 40% disabled veteran. This classification led him to get his medical marijuana card in Missouri. A patient and advocate for cannabis use Daniel quickly found a home and a voice in the Cannabis community.

One fateful day he gave another medical card holder half of a pre-roll. That exchange landed him in Jail for distribution of cannabis. Waxy spent 265 days in lockup and used that time to plot how he could effect change in Rolla. He also refused to bond out even when offered 3 bond reductions.

Once he was out he ran for City Council. Knowing that the only way to make change was from within. If you’ve ever played a video game where your custom character makes it into the cut scene, that was Waxy on the council. A tie dye wearing stoner in a room full of suits.

Waxy also went a step further. He recruited allies to also join the city council and ultimately got cannabis decriminalized (up to an ounce) in Rolla. Once that passed he was quickly ousted from his roll on the council.

Waxy then connected with Steve over at K-KID 92.9 and the two hatched an idea to have a weekly radio show about Cannabis. Rather than just being the stereotypical “stoner rock” show they made an effort to have guests from all walks of life on. Experts, advocates, politicians, and businesses who are helping advocate for fair and legal cannabis use.

The show continues to evolve and so do the number of patients in Missouri. Everyone at Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour is dedicated to providing education disguised (sometimes) as entertainment. 

Daniels Mug Shot
Councilman Jones in action
Just getting his mind right before a show

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